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We are leading consulting firm
specializing in financial investment.

SSC consultants, believer in value of human capital, pledges its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative to the cause of health initiatives in rural and semi urban India

SSC Consultants is the pioneer of organised recruitment in India. Our roots in management consulting enable us to bring a unique approach to recruitment.

We have worked with companies of all scales, ranging from startups to small product companies to large IT and Non IT leaders as well as MNCs setting up operations in India.

SSC is proud of its long standing relationships in the industry and 75% of its revenues come through its existing clients.

To connect with us for information on Anudip Foundation or to contribute mail us at info@saisyncconsultants.com


Solve unemployment into employment by providing suitable high quality jobs for the job seekers on time


COMMITMENT to achieve EXCELLENCE by making unemployment into employment and to gain TRUST of our customer with a FOCUSSED mission

OUR Value

  • ⦁ One-Stop HR Shop, to provide effective and customized services
  • ⦁ Client interest always first
  • ⦁ Client confidentiality is granted
  • ⦁ Clear and constructive communication
  • ⦁ Strive for excellence through efficient work
  • ⦁ Entrepreneurial spirit our way


  • ⦁ Reduce costs (Reduction on placement fees)
  • ⦁ Reduce time to fill
  • ⦁ Build on talent pools
  • ⦁ Up to date and maintained talent database
  • ⦁ Dedicated talent acquisition specialists.
  • ⦁ Increased talent pool to fill future needs
  • ⦁ Reduce time delays
  • ⦁ Increased recruitment efficiency
  • ⦁ Reduce employment costs
  • ⦁ Quick access to quality professional staff
  • ⦁ We take care of the entire contracting, payroll and employee administration

Recruitment Services for the following Sectors:

  • ⦁ Engineering Project Management and Construction(EPC)
  • ⦁ IT
  • ⦁ Manufacturing
  • ⦁ Construction, Operations and Maintenance.
  • ⦁ Oil & Gas
  • ⦁ Engineering Procurement Installation
  • ⦁ Power & Utility.
  • ⦁ Commercial & Retail
  • ⦁ Hospitality
  • ⦁ Institutional Administration.
  • ⦁ Health Care

Contract Staffing:

  • ⦁ Staffing and recruitment
  • ⦁ Co-ordinate with consultants
  • ⦁ Documentation
  • ⦁ Releasing Letters to consultants (Contract, service letters)
  • ⦁ TDS Certifiate
  • ⦁ Payments (consultant fee, Bonus etc.)

Recruitment Process:

  • ⦁ Understand the business strategy
  • ⦁ Identity people requirement
  • ⦁ Searching the best candidates
  • ⦁ Pre-Screening of the candidates
  • ⦁ Evaluation of shortlisted profiles
  • ⦁ Scheduling of shortlisted profiles
  • ⦁ Managing the client interview
  • ⦁ Feedback given by the client for shortlisted / Selected candidates
  • ⦁ Communication to the selected candidates
  • ⦁ Confirmation of Joining

Commercials Proposal and Terms & Conditions:

  • ⦁ Our services charges will be on CTC offered on a monthly basis for salary processing, including statutory compliances.
  • ⦁ A service fee will be charged on approved reimbursement of expenses.
  • ⦁ Salary of associates will be paid by the service provider after the receipt of funds from the client.
  • ⦁ Client shall make the said payments (including salary payable to associates, services charges and GST etc) to us on or before 26th of every month.
  • ⦁ GST will be charged over and above the invoice as applicable.